No Skill November

1984’s version of The Karate Kid is legendary. So legendary that Youtube decided to create the incredible spinoff series, Cobra Kai, and then sell off the rights to Netflix, which brings me to this week’s topic for No Skill November. Remakes are a slippery slope. If not done correctly, they can be terrible. And that’sContinue reading “No Skill November”

Packers blow 14 point halftime lead; fall to colts

The Indianapolis Colts were able to overcome the visiting Green Bay Packers 31-28.The Packers should’ve left Mike Pettine in Indianapolis. The Packer defense blew a 14 point second-half lead. They can’t seem to make a big stop when they need to have it. What happened to the Smith Brothers of a season ago? Where areContinue reading “Packers blow 14 point halftime lead; fall to colts”

Absolutely Disgusting

Dear Fellow Americans,The government doesn’t care about you. Those of you who are glad that Joe Biden is about to win this circus of an election may feel all warm and tingly inside, but did you know that the Democratic Party spent nearly Fourteen Billion dollars to win this Presidential race? They couldn’t stand theContinue reading “Absolutely Disgusting”

Defund The Government

Corporate America at it’s finest. Big companies have everything to gain, while small businesses are forced to be closed. Politicians are playing politics with the lives of the American people. The working class gets screwed every time. Uber Eats always seems to amaze me. They just sent me a message that contains a video onContinue reading “Defund The Government”

Root Canal Hell

I found this video from Method Dental, claiming that the root canal procedure usually doesn’t hurt. The gentlemen in the video say most root canal procedures are pain-free. I want to meet this guy in person and ask him a few questions. This is one of the big reasons I can’t stand the dentist. IContinue reading “Root Canal Hell”

Dana the Dictator

Classic Dana Dana White was asked a simple question last night at the UFC 250 post-fight press conference. He was asked why so many of his stars were suddenly complaining about their fight contracts. As usual, White played dumb then proceeded to throw one of his trademark temper tantrums. Dana immediately tried to discredit theContinue reading “Dana the Dictator”

A Most Unstoppable Force

Kaster’s Kurse I never know exactly when it’s going to strike. Unaware fighters have been falling victim to it for years. It’s an unstoppable entity that just can’t be contained. I honestly believe I could be held personally responsible for the downfall of many… many fighters. Careers have been ruined, dreams shattered, and many homesContinue reading “A Most Unstoppable Force”

Another Wonderful Experience at the Dental Office…

Ok, so I’ve been trying really damn hard to maintain my patience through all of this. Some of you are aware that I’ve had my fair deal of dental issues before. Now I’d rather not have to take it in the ass for a third time with no vaseline. The last dentist I saw gaveContinue reading “Another Wonderful Experience at the Dental Office…”

What in the SAM HELL is going on around here…?….?…..?

    Is this a crisis or not? I’m not exactly sure what to think. A few weeks ago, we were told to self-isolate and “do our part” to slow the spread of the coronavirus. If they’re so worried about slowing the spread, why in the SAM HELL did Wisconsin hold an in-person election on April 7th?Continue reading “What in the SAM HELL is going on around here…?….?…..?”

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