Hello everyone and I hope you are enjoying Halloween. Being Halloween, many people decide to watch scary movies. Probably my favorite horror genre is the slasher genre. I often hypothesize whether or not I could survive slasher movies, and I feel like I can for these five simple reasons. No matter the villain, I willContinue reading “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!”

Top Decades For Horror Movies

Hello everyone and welcome to the final Fright Day. It’s been an awesome ride over the past few weeks reveling in horror, and I intend to make today the best post yet. Horror films have captured audience imagination since their inception, and I would say the first great horror film is Nosferatu. Since then, horrorContinue reading “Top Decades For Horror Movies”

Worst Horror Movies Ever Made

Hello everyone and welcome to the second edition of Fright Day. Last week, I counted down my favorite slasher franchises, and this week I will give my list of the 5 worst horror movies I’ve evet seen. 5. Halloween Resurrection: Simply put, this is easily the worst movie in the Halloween franchise. I sometimes can’tContinue reading “Worst Horror Movies Ever Made”

Fright Day

Welcome to Fright Day. Today we would like to introduce a new weekly seasonal column focused on all things horror. With Halloween less than two months away, I figured we’re okay to get started. Besides, the stores have been selling Halloween stuff for weeks now. Halloween also happens to be my favorite holiday, so there’sContinue reading “Fright Day”

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