Packers crush bears

All week I was forced to listen to how ferocious the Chicago Bears defense is. It was quite refreshing to watch the Packers take the opening drive down the field for a touchdown. Aaron Jones busted multiple runs right up the middle of that Bear defense. It was only momentarily satisfying because as soon as the cubby bears got the football, David Montgomery returned the favor by busting a run right up the middle of the Packer defense, for fifty-seven yards. Nightmarish visions of Montgomery having a 300-yard game raced through my mind for a few moments. Those nightmares didn’t last too long. By the end of the Bear’s opening drive, I remembered that the best defensive player the bears had on their team was the guy they started at Quarterback. Allow me to explain.
At the begining of the game, Mitchell Trubisky sure seemed fired up. He was doing everything he could to get his offensive teammates excited for the game ahead. He looked so confident until he actually had to throw the football. The Bear’s offense wasted Montgomery’s impressive run as they failed to punch the ball into the endzone. I’m not sure if you should blame Trubisky or Matt Nagy for this horrendous failure. Trubisky obviously can’t throw a catchable pass, and Nagy abandoned the running game that was so successful on that first play. Either way, the Packers set the tone for this game on each team’s opening drive.

The Packer’s defense is definitely the most significant question mark as we enter the season’s final stages. By now, every team in the NFL knows a successful running attack is like kryptonite against this Packers defense. The biggest difference this year versus last year has been takeaways. Darnell Savage took advantage of Trubisky’s terrible quarterback play on the Bear’s second series. Savage intercepted a deep Trubisky pass in the end zone, his first of two picks in the game. But throwing interceptions isn’t the only way Trubisky screwed his team over in this game. The struggling Bear’s Quarterback also fumbled the football like it was a hot potato, and Preston Smith was able to scoop it up and add a defensive Touchdown for the Packers. The Packers defense showed some exciting signs of like as we enter the Playoff push here in Titletown.

Mitchell Trubisky looks like Tony Romo’s long lost cousin.

The thing I was most excited about in this game was the Packer’s commitment to the running game in the second half. An overall commitment to the running game has plagued the Packers throughout most of Aaron Rodgers’ career. Aaron Jones had 17 carries for 90 yards, and Jamaal Williams had 17 carries for 73 yards and a touchdown. I’d like to see this kind of commitment to the running game for the rest of the season as it gives the Packers the best chance at making a deep playoff run. A successful running attack opens up the play-action, saves Aaron Rodgers from taking unnecessary damage, and keeps the Packer defense off the field so they can be as fresh as possible down the stretch.

Aaron Rodgers threw four touchdown passes to four different receivers. I’ve been talking all season about how the Packers have enough offensive weapons, and they were on full display against what many people called a tough bears defense heading into this game. Davante Adams, Robert Tonyan, Allen Lazard, and Marcedes Lewis all caught touchdowns, and Aaron Rodgers has a ton of confidence with this receiver group. Davante Adams becomes so much more dangerous when Rodgers spreads the ball, and the Packers commit to the running attack. The best is yet to come for this Packers team.
This victory over the bears all but gives the Packers the division crown for the second straight season under coach Matt Lafluer. Green Bay holds a three-game lead with five games to go, so barring a monumental collapse, the Green Bay Packers will be NFC North division champions. Damn, that sounds good!

Green Bay beat Chicago 41-25. It was a complete blowout, but a couple late scores by Chicago made it look somewhat close. This division belongs to the Pack Attack yet again!

Go Pack Go!!

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  1. As a fan of the Bears generally (I have some of the team’s merchandise from others but I’m not really a big football guy), their disastrous loss was blowing for my close family. I didn’t really care though… Go Packers!

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