Packers blow 14 point halftime lead; fall to colts

The Indianapolis Colts were able to overcome the visiting Green Bay Packers 31-28.The Packers should’ve left Mike Pettine in Indianapolis. The Packer defense blew a 14 point second-half lead. They can’t seem to make a big stop when they need to have it. What happened to the Smith Brothers of a season ago? Where are the turnovers of a season ago? I never agreed with the decision to keep Pettine on the staff after Mark Murphy hired Coach Lafluer. It’s a Mccarthy holdover, and it looks eerily similar to a Mccarthy defense. However, that’s not the only similarity.

The Green Bay Packers have one of the premier running backs in the NFL. The Packers held a 28-14 half time lead. When Mike Mccarthy was the head coach, my dad always joked that he could only get the team motivated to play one half of football. The Packers only scored three second-half points. It kind of looks like they only played one half of football. The most frustrating thing for me to watch when Mccarthy was the head coach was that he didn’t seem to know how to utilize his running backs. Aaron Jones had ten carries in this game. That’s it! Ten carries a so-called premier running back in a game the Packers led 28-14 at halftime. I could swallow Jones only having ten carries if Jamaal Williams was running hot and ended up with fifteen plus. But that’s not the case. Williams had five carries, and the Packers didn’t even try to run the ball.

There’s not much worse than watching your team’s lead slip away. Wait a minute, yes there is! It’s worse when said team drives down the field, has a shot at the endzone and blows it, receives the ball in overtime, only to turn it over and watch the Colts kicker deliver the finishing blow. Damn, I love football. It certainly doesn’t always go my way, but it sure is exciting. Like all the penalties! I mean, how many penalties can even be called in a game? And how could the Packers not cash in on all the Colts holding penalties in the later stages of the game? You just never know what’s going to happen in the NFL.

There are a few bright spots. The Packers turned the ball over five times against the league’s top defense and still almost won this game. Also, I’m glad they lost in the end. This team needs to be humbled. They can play better than they did in this game; the first half is proof. Rodges and Adams need to be more consistent. I get tired of hearing how great Rodgers numbers are and how his defense keeps letting him down. I mean, the defense surely needs to play better. I won’t argue that. But Rodgers needed to be better in the second half of this game. The offense did nothing in the third quarter. Nothing! I don’t care if he threw for 300 yards in the game. There are zero excuses for not showing up for an entire quarter of a game. Rodgers is the team leader and its highest-paid player, so he needs to shoulder a LOT of that blame. I have a sneaking suspicion that Rodgers audibles from running to passing plays. It’s the only thing that makes sense seeing as how Mccarthy is gone. He needs to play better, even if that means sticking to the game plan. And it’s not just Rodgers. This entire team needs to step its game up for the stretch run of this season.

There’s something wrong with this team’s mentality; they hit cruise control once they get the lead. The Packers have no heart and no one to step up and be the defensive leader on the field. I’m hoping beyond a reasonable hope that someone steps it up and shows some damn passion on that defensive side. And I’m hoping our Superstar Quarterback can find his motivation and recapture at least a part of his 2010 season form. Packer Nation needs another Championship run. All we need is to get into the Playoffs.

And last, but not least:

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