Packers top jaguars in a close battle

The Packers beat the Jaguars 24-20 at Lambeau Field.

Sometimes I hate what the announcers of a football game are discussing. Like, when a receiver makes a catch, the announce team has to try and make a HUGE deal out of it. They’ll say something like, did he make the catch? The cameraman will then show the play in slow motion about 75 times while the unqualified announcers try and decide if the receiver made a football play before the ball came out. NEWSFLASH: There are paid referees that make these calls. So why are these announcers always second-guessing every call? I don’t have the answer, but if I were in the NFL’s league office, I’d send out a memo to all announce teams and tell them they aren’t allowed to talk about how the referees officiate a game.

My most hated announce team.

Ok, so the announcers in the Packers Jaguars game triggered me right off the bat. It wasn’t a call they were second-guessing; it was the fact that they brought up how the Packers had scored on every single opening drive this season. I had a bad feeling about this game right off the bat. And for a good reason. The Jaguar’s defense stopped the Packer’s offensive attack on the first possession. It was the perfect storm. A 1-7 Jaguars team that plays solid defense and runs the ball decent. A 6-2 Packers team in first place in the NFC North and hosts the game. I was nervous about an upset in this one.

The Packer’s offense remained stagnant until Aaron Rodgers was able to make a connection with Marquez Valdes Scantling for a 78-yard touchdown. This was the perfect play to get the offense kickstarted, but they would struggle throughout this football game. Davante Adams struggled throughout this game and even had to leave for a little bit due to an injury concern. Sorry, but I’m not buying that he had an injury. What happened is the Jaguars play very physical defense, and Davante Adams is soft. That’s how it appears to me, anyway.

And what about the running game? It’s getting to that part of the season where the running game will become crucial. The weather will only worsen in Green Bay, and a solid rushing attack will be vital to the Packer’s success. I’d love to see the Packers more disciplined with the running game. Aaron Jones only had 14 carries in this game. Jamaal Williams had 8.
Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers had 34 passing attempts. In my opinion, that’s not good enough if the Packers want to be a dangerous football team down the stretch. In a close ball game, why isn’t this team running the ball more? I can’t help but wonder if Aaron Jones is one hundred percent healthy after this display.
The Packers defense struggled to keep James Robinson in check. This act is getting old. Sloppy game until the end; the D actually showed up and made a stop against a pathetic offensive team to clinch the victory. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Remember Brad Hoover? It’s ok if you don’t. He only had one good game in his entire career, and it was against the Packers. I thought this no name. Quarterback the Jags trotted out there on Sunday might have similar success.
Coach Matt Lafluer talked about how this team had a lack of energy. The most concerning part about this for me is that it was a home game. And don’t give me the excuse of not having fans in the stands. Neither do the other NFL teams, at least not a full capacity of fans. These guys are making millions of dollars, and the coach is concerned about a lack of energy. Brett Favre’s coach would have never been able to make this statement. Favre always ignited his team with life. For whatever reason, Rodgers does not have the same effect on his teammates. It’s easy to blame Mike Mccarthy for the Packer’s struggles while he was here, but this team continues to have a few of the same tendencies. It’s starting to appear like Rodgers may have brought many of this team’s issues on himself.

As sloppy as the Packers looked in this game, it’s a win in the NFL. Show me the NFL team that hasn’t struggled this season- It doesn’t exist. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers looked like Super Bowl contenders against the Packers but were thoroughly dominated by the Saints. And the Packers beat the Saints. Which is one of the reasons the NFL is so exciting. There’s no telling who’s going to win from week to week. The Packers found a way to win this ugly game and that’s all that matters.

Oh, and last but not least:

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