Packers get embarrassed by vikings

Fools gold! The Green Bay Packers looked like an offensive juggernaut throughout the first four weeks of the season. Aaron Rodgers looked like a man possessed as he led a Packers offense that scored over thirty points in each of the first four games. But it wasn’t just Rodgers, the Pack Attack had a running game to go along with one of the best quarterbacks in the game.  Yeah, that Packers offense was so good in the early going that they never gave the defense a chance to screw things up. However, the Slack Attack reared their ugly heads this past weekend. This team has way too much quit in them. When things don’t go their way in the early going, they fold like an accordion. Yes, they sure had me fooled. That’s the way it goes with Fool’s Gold. Do any other Packer Fans feel like a fool?

I try and support the team under any circumstances. So, when the Packers drafted a QB in the first round I was totally on board. But where the hell is Jordan Love? And why hasn’t AJ Dillon been getting more carries since Jones went down? In fact, the Packers haven’t been playing any of the rookies that were drafted. What in the sam hell is going on here? This team was in the NFC championship a season ago and did nothing to improve the defensive side of the ball. I know that everyone says the Packers need another wideout to pair with Adams, and I couldn’t disagree more. This Packers offense has been highly efficient over the past two seasons when Adams was out with injury. I know it’s hard for Packer nation to accept, but Rodgers has some kind of mental handicap when it comes to Adams. It’s like its the only receive he thinks he can throw the ball to, because ya know, nobody else can catch it. Haha, but in the game Adams missed this year Rodgers threw for 327 yards and four touchdowns. So, its hard for me to believe that the Packers need more help at wideout. What they need is the quarterback to realize he has multiple options at the receiver. Rodgers even boasts about the need to get Davante the ball more. Please!  I do agree, however, that this team should have addressed some of the issues on the defensive side of the ball. The Packers let Blake Martinez walk and have just ignored filling that position. What’s up with that?

Ok, so now that I got that off my chest I’ll address that train wreck of a game I watched on Sunday afternoon. The Packers had to have known that the only chance for the Minnesota Vi-Queens to claim victory at Lambeau was with a heavy dose of Dalvin Cook. Sure, it was good for my fantasy football team, but Cook scored so many points it made me sick. I mean, where the hell was the defense? This Packers defensive unit didn’t get a stop until the fourth quarter which it utterly pathetic. Maybe somebody should tell defensive coordinator Mike Pettine that he needs to teach these guys the fundamentals of tackling. And the Covid offseason is no excuse, the game I watched was full of players with million dollar contracts giving little to no effort. But it’s ok cuz they still get paid, right?

After the game Aaron Rodgers said the team played with no energy. Really, superstar? Tell me something I couldn’t figure out on my own dear superstar. Like why didn’t our franchise quarterback instill some energy into his team? And yeah, some may think its unfair of me to put that all on Rodgers. Sorry, I’m not sorry. When you want to be paid like Mr. Superstar then you need to bring the energy every single game, not just when things are going well. When you get paid like a superstar then you need to be the on field leader of this team. That’s what this teams problem it, a lack of leadership on the field, and that is on Rodgers. Sure, this game against the queens was lost because the defense couldn’t stop Dalvin Cook. So you can blame the defense, but that offense went home at halftime. This debacle took a full team effort. 

I can only hope beyond hope that the Packers were looking ahead to the 49ers. Because that’s really the only way they could’ve lost to the 1-5 queens, right? The Packers also lucked out with the Bears losing. But we all know Da Bears Still Suck! I have no expectations for Thursday night’s game. I’m hoping that AJ Dillon testing positive for Covid won’t delay things, but that’s the selfish fan inside of me. Hopefully, they can get this thing contained. But if the Packers do play on Thusday its starting to look like they’ll have no running backs available so this could be interesting. Please wash the bad taste of defeat out of this pampered fans mouth. The taste of defeat rotten. No matter how much they slack the Packers are my team. Through thick and thin.

Go Pack Go!!

Published by Matt Kaster

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