Villains make the movie

Halloween movies are awesome! Villains are also awesome! Combine the two, and you have an amazing Halloween experience. If you’re having trouble finding a great Halloween movie to watch this season, give these three movies (and villains) a try.

Jerry Dandridge
Imagine finding out your neighbor is a blood-sucking vampire. What would you do? Tell your friends?… Or mother?… Or the Police?… Or maybe Peter Vincent, a famous Vampire killer. Indeed, they’d all think you were crazy unless you could bring them over to Jerry’s house and show them that he doesn’t cast a reflection in a mirror. This is the exact situation in which Charley Brewster finds himself. Fright Night is a classic Halloween film with a fantastic villain. I didn’t care for the way Colin Farrell played Dandridge in the 2011 remake. Chris Sarandon’s depiction in the 1985 version was much better as he gave Dandridge the smarts a believable villain must-have. Give the 1985 version of Fright Night a watch this Halloween season. You won’t be disappointed. Now you must excuse me; I have to drive a stake through my neighbor’s heart before it gets too dark!

Pennywise The Clown
Pennywise prays on the fears of his victims, which are typically children. The adult world is impervious to Pennywise, which makes the IT movie and book quite entertaining. The heroes are entirely relatable and even form a group called The Loser’s Club. I was literally afraid of shower drains for most of my childhood, thanks to Pennywise, and he still haunts some of my dreams to this day. That’s what I call a lasting impact. The made for TV movie was pretty good considering it’s a made for tv movie. And I loved the first installment of the film’s remake, the second part was just ok, but Pennywise delivers every time. If you love horrifying villains, you must give the IT movie a watch.

Jack Torrance
All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Jack Torrance agrees to become the caretaker at the Overlook hotel when they shut down for the winter season. But the Overlook isn’t just any hotel. It holds a certain power over people; a Shine. The longer Jack stays at the Overlook, the more insane he becomes. The problem is that he brought his wife and small child to the Overlook with him, and the hotel actually convinces Jack that his family must be corrected; Horror movie style. Jack Nicholson plays the role of Jack Torrance perfectly. I love watching him go deeper and deeper off that edge of sanity. Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is a must watch on Halloween night for me.

Published by Matt Kaster

I like to think I'm living my everyday life inside a Will Ferrell movie. I'm a very sarcastic sort of goofball that tries to laugh at all the problems life has to offer...and then make funny videos about my head!! Subscribe now to witness some of my takes on everyday growth. I'll see you inside!

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