Favorite Characters Continued

Hello everyone. It is Monday and you all know what that means. Let’s talk some Star Wars. Last week, I ran down my list of most disliked characters in the franchise, and today I will continue with my favorites. Today’s character is no longer canon, but I doubt you will find very many Star Wars fans that don’t like him. I’m talking about the one and only, Revan.

Revan was a Jedi in the Old Republic. He decided, along with his friend Malak, to fight against the Mandalorians when they invaded the Republic, leading to the Republic’s victory in their war. After, Revan left and went into deep space, saying he was pursuing the last remnants of their forces. When he came back, he had turned to the dark side. He became a Sith Lord, and wreaked havoc across the galaxy until his apprentice, Malak, tried to kill him. Revan then returned to the light side once more, going on a mission to end Malak’s reign of terror.

Knights of the Old Republic is my favorite Star Wars game. I connected with Revan because of this game mechanic, which allowed me to take control of his story and set him on whatever path I choose. There are more sources for Revan’s adventures, from comics to novels, but the original game sealed my fate as a fan. I got to build a lightsaber, travel the galaxy in my very own ship, and take on the forces of evil through Revan’s eyes. It’s no wonder I connected with him. Not to mention, the twist in the original game is reminiscent of the iconic Luke/Vader twist in Empire. With such a rich history, it’s a shame Revan has been relegated to the Legends continuity. This is one of the greatest characters in all of Star Wars.

I know I could keep geeking out about Revan, and I’m sure you all have your thoughts on him as well. Hopefully Disney can bring him back into canon, but only time will tell. Let me know what you think in the comments and I’ll talk to you next week. Until then…..

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