Exposing Mace Windu

Exposing the Checkered Past of Mace Windu…

Not that long ago, in a galaxy that resides inside his head…

An Angry Star Wars Fan Theory…

Mace Windu could hardly contain his jealousy as Qui-Gon Jinn explained how Anakin Skywalker is indeed the Chosen One. Only a Sith deals in absolutes and Mace Windu absolutely despised Anakin Skywalker from the day they met one another. Mace Windu absolutely sabotaged the Chosen One’s bid at becoming a Jedi Master. Placing Anakin on the Council yet not granting him the status of Jedi Master. But its more than jealousy that Mace Windu was trying to conceal. Mace Windu didn’t want the Council to trust Anakin because he was trying to keep his dark past a hidden secret.

Mace Windu is nothing but a two-bit hustler that hustled the Jedi Council for years. He galavanted around the entire galaxy, swinging his big Jedi dick around like he was better than everyone else. But before becoming a Jedi Master, Mace Windu was fine-tuning his dark side killing abilities as a hitman for notorious gangster Marcellus Wallace. See, Windu had a partner. A partner he wanted silenced by any means necessary. For Mace Windu, any means necessary included cold-blooded murder. Windu couldn’t take a chance on a single soul finding out what he really was.

After Windu ruthlessly eliminated Vincent Vega, he posed as a high school teacher, claiming he was attacked by one of his students. Using the alias Trevor Garfield, Windu fed the murderous hunger that resided inside him by terrorizing high school students. He ruthlessly murdered Benny Chacon, then proceeded to recruit Caeser Sanchez into his sick games… Windu staged an entire scene where he ended up blowing his own head off to teach Sanchez a lesson. But this was all a ruse. Windu faked his own death so he could go on the run once again.

By the time Windu surfaced as a Jedi, his skills were complete. The only thing left for him to sabotage was the Chosen One’s legacy before claiming dominance over the entire galaxy. That’s why Windu refused Anakin’s help as he went to apprehend Palpatine. He wasn’t gonna be shown up by the Chosen One. Windu wanted all the credit for exposing Palpatine as a Sith Lord. He was trying to set Anakin Skywalker up. The same way, he set up Vincent Vega. But the Chosen One was too powerful for Sith Windu.

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