The Pack Recap: Week 17, 1993

Hello everyone and welcome to the Pack Recap. Today we will continue our journey along the Packers 1993 season. In particular, we will look at their second to last game of the season against the Los Angeles Raiders.

Coming into the game, both teams were fighting for playoff positioning. Green Bay had gone 5-3 since their thrilling win against the Broncos and were playing their last game of the season at Lambeau Field. The needed a win to get into the postseason.

The temperature was zero degrees, with a windchill of -20. Both teams struggled offensively through the first half, with neither team gaining an advantage. Finally, just before the end of the half, Edgar Bennett broke the tie and the Packers led 7-0 at the end of the first half.

In the third quarter, the scoring continued for the Packers. Brett Favre found Sterling Sharpe for a touchdown with a little under ten minutes left. Raiders starting quarterback Jeff Hostetler was knocked from the game in the third period as well, giving the Raiders a 14 point deficit to overcome with their backup.

Things got worse from there, as the Packers would score two more times in the fourth. On the first, Reggie White would recover a fumble. On the return, just before being pulled out of bounds, he lateraled it to LeRoy Butler, who took it the rest of the way for the score. Butler would perform the first ever Lambeau Leap after the return. Darrell Thompson would add a 60 yard score the next time the Packers had the ball, and Green Bay wrapped up a playoff spot with a 28-0 victory.

This was huge for Green Bay. Clinching a postseason birth. Posting back to back winning seasons for the first time since the Lombardi days. A chance to play for the division crown the following week. And, starting a tradition that is still practiced to this day in the Lambeau Leap. Yep. This one was awesome. And to do it at Lambeau in the freezing cold was even better.


“A little vindication after all the —- I’ve gone through. There’s some quarterbacks with a higher rating and more touchdowns, but you can throw all that out the window. We’re in the playoffs.”- Brett Favre, referring to the struggles he had on the field during the season. He would not turn the hall over during the game.

“Anytime you bounce back from a real tough loss it builds character on your team. Obviously, you see a pattern of inconsistency there, but it’s a resilient group.”- Mike Holmgren


Passing- Favre 14-28 190 YDS 1TD

Rushing- Thompson 21ATT 101YDS 1TD

Receiving- Sharpe 7REC 126YDS 1TD

Sacks- Bennett White Jurkovic 2.5 SCK

Interceptions- Simmons Teague 1INT

Harlan Plaza at Lambeau Field
Photo by Jennifer Kaster
All rights reserved

The author thanks the Washington Post,,, and Football Database.

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