Red Panty Night

5 top challengers for the BMF Title

Dear Dana White:

Since you insisted on giving Masvidal a lowball offer to fight for Marty FakeNewsMan’s Welterweight championship, I’ve taken the liberty of coming up with a few attractive opponents who could easily challenge for the BMF title and deliver Jorge Masvidal his much-deserved payday.

5. Leon Edwards

There Masvidal was, minding his own business while conducting a post-fight interview. As Jorge was trying to explain why he loves to silence his doubters, Leon Edwards decided to intervene by making threats as he walked through. Before anyone knew what was going on, Masvidal served up a three-piece and a soda as he defended his street credibility. Boom! No further promotion needed for this matchup.

4. Colby Covington

Former training partners turned enemies; this fight would be one for the ages. It’s not a great stylistic matchup for Masvidal -we all know that Colby will centrally focus on Jorge’s crotch as he shoots for takedown after takedown -I’d still like to see the BMF champ showcase his takedown defense skills and end Covington’s hype train at the same time. Masvidal vs.Covinton is another fight that easily promotes itself.

3) Nate Diaz

Who better to challenge for the BMF Belt than the man that initially came up with the idea? Nate Diaz felt shortchanged with how the first fight with Masvidal ended. The referee’s decision to call the match due to a massive gash over Nate’s eye left us all thirsting for more action. Masvidal also said he’d be open to a rematch during the post-fight presser after he claimed the BMF belt. Jorge loves to “baptize” his opponents. So what’s the holdup, Dana? 

2) Nick Diaz

After Jorge laid the smackdown on the younger Diaz, big brother decided to conduct an interview with Ariel Helwani and issue a challenge to the newly crowned BMF champ. During that interview, Nick described a poster the UFC had previously made matching him up against Masvidal. And you don’t take about baptizing a man’s younger brother. So, since you’ve already got the poster made Mr. White, and since both fighters already agreed to fight one another, pony up some cash and give us this super fight that’s sure to deliver fireworks. 

1) Conor Mcgregor

This is undoubtedly the most significant money fight the UFC could make for its veteran BMF champion. It’s pretty much a no-lose situation for the UFC. First off, it’s sure to make truckloads of cash for both competitors and the promotion. There is a zero percent chance either of these guys goes for a takedown. I can picture it now: 3 rounds of nonstop action before one of these guys connects with the kiss of death. And Bonus for the UFC! Whichever fighter loses is humbled a bit and brought back to reality, all while losing a bit of negotiating power moving forward. Get the contract ready, Dana.

Do the right thing, Dana! Give Jorge Masvidal his well deserved red panty night! I’d be happy seeing the BMF Champion defend his title against any one of these outstanding fighters.

As always, thank you for reading!

Do you think there are any better challengers for Jorge Masvidal’s BMF belt? Let me know in the comments. 

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