Saturday Books

Hello everyone and welcome to another Saturday post. Today, I would like to discuss something near and dear to my heart. That would be novels. In particular, Stephen King novels. He’s been an influence on my writing style, with one of the highest compliments, of which I don’t think I’m worthy of, being that I reminded a reader of a young Stephen King. With that in mind, I’d like to offer my favorite Stephen King novels, which is probably certain to stir up some controversy. But it’s all in fun. Here we go:

5. The Shining- I used to think the movie was better than the book, but time has allowed me to alter my opinion. The story of the Torrence’s is fascinating, and reading about the way Jack slowly lost his sanity is one of the best examples of slow burn I’ve ever seen used.

4. The Stand- It’s probably blasphemous to some that this novel would rank this low, but it’s where it slots in for me. King one ups most apocalyptic writers by showing us how the world falls apart instead of dropping us into the desolate world. A fantastic read.

3. It- This could honestly almost be tied with the Stand, but it slots here because of the amount of times I’ve reread it. And for the fact that after reading this, I had a hard time getting into another book. Everything is magical about this book, and I enjoy getting lost in Derry over and over again.

2. The Eyes of the Dragon- A short and maybe mostly unknown book by King, it was the first one by him I ever read. It’s a twisted fairytale, and I think King executes it to perfection. His weaving of threads into a cohesive story is on a smaller scale, but perhaps was never better. And, like I said, it was my first.

1. The Dark Tower Series- I’m using the series because King said he views it as one long novel. This was what finally caught my attention after reading It. An epic eight book journey telling the tale of Roland Deschain, the Dark Tower, in my opinion, is the absolute apex of King’s career. If you’ve never read them, check it out.

That’s my list and I’m sure it’s a little surprising. But that’s the great thing about opinions. Everyone is entitled to one. I’ll talk to you all next week. Until then, stay healthy, stay safe, and keep reading.

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