Essentially Entitled

It’s pretty clear that everybody has a different view of what the word essential means. Those that follow the blog are aware that I’m a food delivery specialist, which is considered an essential job. I view it as more of an essential service, but essential is essential. While I was delivering the other day, I heard a Hope Depot commercial that caught my attention. The voice proclaimed that Home Depot had all of the essential items needed to complete those home repair projects. They are even offering to deliver to you, which is a better option than going to the store as it avoids the large gathering. Either way, are home repairs really essential? And do we need businesses such as Home Depot putting commercials out about house repairs being essential? Unless you have some severe mold problems or a roof that’s letting in massive amounts of water, you likely don’t have an essential issue. When completing one of my deliveries, I noticed a large dumpster in the driveway at the house as I pulled in. I glanced inside to find a toilet and some old cabinets. These folks probably heard the same Home Depot commercial I had. Remodeling the bathroom simply because you have the time and you’re bored is frankly a selfishly stupid idea right now.

We have an essential problem on our hands right now. I’ve noticed people pointing fingers at the President and government. I’ve heard others talking about how property owners shouldn’t be allowed to collect rent as they are all rich and don’t need the money. I just urge the people that are of that opinion to realize that a lot of landlords don’t own the properties they rent out. They have what is called a mortgage payment, and if they stop paying that mortgage, they will lose their property. They must pay the banks, or they will be foreclosed on when things go back to normal. I know banks have made some announcements that have folks confused. They are not suspending mortgage payments as far as I know. They can’t foreclose at present, but there will be a huge bill due for those that miss or skip payments. Point the finger at the people that have the power. I still don’t know why the banks won’t freeze everything. They absolutely refuse, and it’s sickening. The banks are to blame for the virus continuing to spread.

I’d also like to point out that the President did issue a travel ban back in January. Nancy Pelosi sent out a tweet on Jan 31st, saying that the travel ban was unconstitutional and racist. Now she tries saying the President didn’t act fast enough. So which is it, Nancy? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. I’m not defending Trump, he’s made his share of mistakes. But its time to blame the right people. Trump didn’t make a bunch of people go on spring break, even after they were aware of the virus. Trump isn’t making people go out to get supplies so they can remodel the bathroom. Trump isn’t causing people to flee to their out of state vacation homes. All of these people are to blame for the virus continuing to spread.

Also, has everyone noticed how the “essential employees” are massively underpaid. It seems to me that all the rich people are sitting at home as they basically force essential workers to put their lives at risk. These folks are risking their health for a little more than minimum wage. Is the CEO of Walmart willing to work the checkout lines right now? Is he at any of the locations greeting people? I don’t think so. He should be prepared to put himself on the front lines if his business is allowed to remain open.

So, all of the self-entitled brats need to wake up. Stop going out simply because your bored. There’s obviously plenty of blame to go around. Its time to stop pointing the finger and start looking in the mirror. The virus is here, and it doesn’t care whose fault it is. The only way to beat it is to work together. This halfway lockdown stuff is insane. You either do a lockdown, or you don’t. There are far too many businesses using loopholes to remain open. If you don’t like things being locked down, then STAY HOME. This will all pass faster, and things will get back to normal if you quit making all these little exceptions to leave the house. Home Depot and Menards should really be closing. If everyone would just stay inside for 14 days, this would all be over, and we can’t do it. We can’t help ourselves, and the biggest problem with that is nobody accepts responsibility for their own actions. Just remember, if it comes to a point where they issue a full lockdown, its everybody’s fault. Every business that found loopholes to remain open. The banks that have more power than the average person realizes. The guy that insisted his bathroom “needed” to be remodeled because he had all this time on his hands. This attitude of entitlement drives me crazy.
I’m done for now. Stay safe out there, folks. And before you leave the house next time, please take a few moments to consider if your trip truly is essential. Hopefully, this will all be over in a few weeks. Hang in there and remember its nobody’s fault and its everybody’s fault. We are all in this together.

Published by Matt Kaster

I like to think I'm living my everyday life inside a Will Ferrell movie. I'm a very sarcastic sort of goofball that tries to laugh at all the problems life has to offer...and then make funny videos about my head!! Subscribe now to witness some of my takes on everyday growth. I'll see you inside!

3 thoughts on “Essentially Entitled

  1. Thank you for acknowledging that the president acted when he did. All I hear these days is blame thrown around because he didn’t “act soon enough.” Regardless of what side of the political spectrum people are on, we can’t just ignore facts that don’t suit our opinion.
    Re: the remodeling, I can see why people would be seizing the free time. I don’t think they should be shopping at Home Depot at this time, but I can’t say I hadn’t considered renting a dumpster to do some serious cleaning out during the lockdown 😂


    1. I totally understand wanting to fill in the time with home repairs. Howevery, want vs. need must be considered right now. I don’t think Home Depot should be saying repairs are essential in commercials they air. It encourages people to leave that don’t actually need to. A lot of things can wait until after the pandemic. I don’t know what the right answers are…certain things I see are really making me think…and overthink- hahaha!! Stay safe


  2. Well said! I hear from the UK too that there are far too many people who think that lockdown doesn’t apply to them. Unfortunately, they are the ones who will ensure that it goes on for longer than it otherwise needed to.
    I am stuck in Italy – here, we have a 3000 euro fine to help focus the attention on staying home!


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