UFC 248’s Main Event

I’m still in disbelief. Not so much over the actual fight. Israel Adesanya went on Ariel Helwani’s MMA show and insisted on continuing to talking shit. Claiming he damaged Yoel’s leg and clinging to this idea that he inflicted all kinds of damage on Romero. Dana White also blamed Romero for this fight not being entertaining. I love how Dana White guarantees Israel Adesanya will actually have to fight against Paulo Costa. Have I entered some alternate reality? Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it take 2 willing participants to equal an entertaining fight. I’m not defending Romero, either. He definitely should have shown some urgency.
Yoel also claims he won, but Paulo Costa has it right, Romero always has these strange tactics. During the lead-up to the fight, Adesanya was talking so much shit. He was talking about noticing something wrong with one of Yoel’s eyes and proceeded to say he was gonna swell this guy’s eyes shut. Then he went out and refused to fight. People can talk about Romero refusing to engage all they want. They can talk about how Yoel started this fight by simply standing there for about 90 seconds to start. Israel Adesanya never took advantage of that. He certainly didn’t inflict enough damage to warrant this ongoing shit talk. And Dana White piling on Romero makes this look worse.
I have no problem with White saying the fight sucked. It did. But how can Dana put the blame solely on Romero? I’m sick of fighters getting titles and then fighting safe. Izzy never looked like this before he had the belt. He fought like he had nothing to lose. Now, he’s fighting like he’s got something to protect, and the results aren’t the same. Israel Adesanya perform good enough to talk shit. Dana White’s nut riding seems to be increasing with age for him. Back in the day, White got infuriated with Anderson Silva for fighting the same way Izzy did this past weekend. So why all this hate for Romero and this insistence on defending Israel’s title defense?
Both fighters made this contest boring. I’m certainly going to be cheering for Paulo Costa to bring out the beast in Izzy when they fight, but I’m not as confident as Dana. I’ll only believe Izzy will actually fight when I see it. Part of me wishes they would take the belts away as it seems to make guys fight safely. I’m not watching another Adesanya interview until his next fight is signed. I can’t stand this guy trying to defend his performance in any way. Robert Whitaker was a true warrior that never shied away from a fight. He stood in front of the boogeyman (Romero) and won both fights against him. Take notes Izzy, that’s how a champ does it.

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