And The Winner IS….

Paulo Costa!
UFC 248 certainly ended on a sour note, but the night as a whole was quite entertaining. I found it utterly hilarious that Yoel Romero accused Adesanya of being a ghost. Romero is the fighter that missed weight multiple times recently. The fact that the UFC gave him a title shot coming off a loss alone should have told him to fight with urgency. So he begins the fight by standing still in an attempt to taunt Izzy into entering his world. The first round saw less than 10 strikes thrown. This is coming after watching the best female fight I’ve ever seen. Romero’s tactics had to have Adesanya thinking a bit. Yoel thrives on playing mind games. He lulls his opponents into a false sense of security before violently exploding into a flurry of strikes. But that flurry never came last night.

I can’t defend the Israel Adesanya in the least. Both fighters lost the main event in my estimation. I can’t understand how Izzy stood up there last night and tried defending that performance in any way. He’s the one that called Romero out. The Last Stylebender is the one talking about wanting the fight nobody else wants. Then he comes out and refuses to engage. It takes two to tango. It also takes two willing participants to participate in an entertaining fight. Neither fighter was willing to put himself in danger. I know its easy for me to criticize these guys from the couch, but as a fan, I personally expected a little more out of this fight. From both participants.
Dana White even expected more. He was pretty clear with his post-fight comments. The UFC president speaking his mind regularly is one of the most entertaining things about this sport. I certainly don’t agree with much of what White says, but I sure love the fact that he’ll sit there and tell you when a fight sucks. I can’t argue with Israel Adesanya getting the nod in this fight. Neither guy fought with intensity, so they both lost. Paulo Costa comes out looking like the scariest middleweight after last night’s debacle. The most disappointing thing about UFC 248’s main event was that both fighters blamed the other for an uneventful fight.

I have to end this post with the fight of the year so far. Wow! Joanna Jedrzejczyk was unrecognizable by the end of her battle. She kept pressing forward while absorbing massive punishment in an attempt to reclaim her lost title. She showed real heart and great fighting spirit in a losing effort. If you can even call it that. She easily could have gotten the decision. There were no losers in last night’s Co-Main Event. I hope this prompts the UFC to put more female fighters in Main Event spots. That was fantastic! Zhang Weili earned her hardest-fought victory to date. She stood in front of Joanna and took this fight from her. I can’t say who landed mores strikes in this fight. I do know that Zhang’s shots inflicted more damage. This fight got hard to watch towards the end. Weili just kept landing shots on Joanna’s forehead. Jedrzejczyk’s nose ended up a shattered mess as well during the champs’ barrage of damaging blows. These ladies certainly stole the show last night. I’m looking forward to watching both fight again. Is it too early to say rematch?

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