Yep. Another Movie Review

Alright guys. Friday is here and that means it’s a freestyle Friday. Today, I’m gonna talk about another movie I enjoy. I’m going with Rocky.

I think what makes this movie so endearing is the performances. Sylvester Stallone and Burgess Meredith, in particular, feel like they are the characters instead of actors. Talia Shire is wonderful as the shy girlfriend, and Burt Young plays Paulie with conviction. Rounding out the main cast is Carl Weathers, who proves to be an entertaining foil.

Then there’s the story. Today, it’s been done a million times. Underdog shocks the world. It’s become retread and predictable. But this movie does such a good job of making you care about the characters that it works. The way the characters develop enhance Rocky’s struggle with his place in life. The fact that he gets this shot and understands he has no shot is both sad and wonderful. It speaks volumes as to how smart the character and the writing is.

Say what you want about the sequels. Depending on your taste, you might think they range from good to silly. I personally enjoy them, but I also understand that they aren’t as good as the first one. The first Rocky is the best underdog story I’ve ever seen. These are characters I enjoy spending time watching, and suggest you give it a shot too. After all, that’s what made this movie so good. Apollo giving Rocky a shot. So if you haven’t seen it, give it a try. And if you have, well, you can always do with a little more Rocky.

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One thought on “Yep. Another Movie Review

  1. Rocky! Hey, here about this drinking game: you have to take a shot every time Sylvester Stallone says “You know what I mean” . Just kidding, don’t try that.

    Also, thank you for the like on my new post. I knew that it was bizarre, but I personally enjoy the concept and I am glad you like it as well.


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