Matt’s Rants

Ok, this week, I have to address the people who continue to criticize the NFL officiating. First of all, I can almost guarantee that all of you critics would not be able to make even one proper call in actual time. Just think, the announcers are criticizing the call before they know for sure what’s going on. They look at 4 or 5 slow-motion replays, then proceed to question how the refs could make such a bad call. Give me a break! So many keep talking about the 3rd down play late in the Packers vs. Seahawks game where Jimmy Graham was very close to the first down. Some say he got it, and others say he didn’t. However, these critics like to make it seem like this is the play that dictated the outcome of the game, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.
I’m a big Packer fan, so for argument’s sake, let’s say he didn’t get the first down. The game did not come down to this play. It would have been 4th and inches, and there’s an excellent chance the Packers go for and get the necessary yardage needed to convert. And what about the apparent fumble early in the game? In my opinion, there was a clear fumble recovery on this controversial play. Had this play stood, the Packers probably put the game out of reach. In this case, it’s reasonable to conclude the Packers build an insurmountable lead. Please don’t take this the wrong way; I’m not criticizing these human beings that are doing a more difficult job than I’m willing to do, my point is we all make mistakes. And whose opinion should be right?
There will always be excuses for the teams that lose. It’s the right of each fan base to have extreme opinions. Just remember, there are 32 different fan bases with 32 different views, and the NFL officiating crews need to do their best to keep all these differing opinions happy. It’s an impossible task. A football game is 60 minutes long and never comes down to a single play or bad call. I still remember the replacement refs that ripped a game from the Packers a few years back. I certainly don’t want them again. So, grow up and stop crying and complaining. The world is not perfect, and neither are you, so deal with it. Or, you could start learning and training to become an NFL official if it truly bothers you that much.

Published by Matt Kaster

I like to think I'm living my everyday life inside a Will Ferrell movie. I'm a very sarcastic sort of goofball that tries to laugh at all the problems life has to offer...and then make funny videos about my head!! Subscribe now to witness some of my takes on everyday growth. I'll see you inside!

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