Obi-Wan-Anakin’s Superior

So, the Angry Star Wars fan likes to point out that Obi Wan should take responsibility for Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side. That is a ludicrous statement, and I intend to explain why. Let’s take a look at everything Obi Wan went through:

He watched his master die in front of him.

The girl he loved was killed by his nemesis.

He was betrayed by his friend/commander and his brother Anakin.

All of his Jedi friends were killed.

He spent the rest of his life after their deaths watching over Luke and making sure the Empire wouldn’t find him.

He distracted Vader so Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, and the droids could escape.

He willingly sacrificed himself for the rebellion.

And you want to know the kicker: HE DIDN’T TURN TO THE DARKSIDE! That has to be one of the most bad ass, Jedi things ever. In fact, I would say this makes him the ultimate Jedi. There have been more powerful force users, but no one has held to the Jedi ideals as well as Obi Wan. Anakin fell to the Darkside because he was a little cry baby that couldn’t practice these ideals. That is why Obi Wan will always be superior to Anakin.

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One thought on “Obi-Wan-Anakin’s Superior

  1. Anakin turned to the Darkside not because of Obi-wan. Anakin was hungry for power, he wanted to prevent his premonition of Padme dying while giving birth, at that time he did cannot feel the power that he is looking for on side of the Jedi so he turned to the dark side.

    And Yes, Obi-wan is one of the badass Jedi out there, the way he sacrifice for Luke and for the entire order.


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